The Ultimate Guide to Equestrian Bag Essentials: The Perfect Marise Toolbox

Marise Toolbox for equestrians

As an equestrian, having a well-organized and fully-equipped toolbox is essential for maintaining your horse’s grooming routine and ensuring you’re always prepared for any situation. Here’s a comprehensive guide to the ultimate equestrian Marise toolbox, featuring must-have products from Borstiq and other top-quality brands.

Essential Brushes from Borstiq

  1. Massage Brush: This brush is the first step in your grooming routine. It’s designed to loosen up and warm up the muscles, removing deep-seated dirt. The massaging action not only cleans but also helps to relax your horse, making them more comfortable and ready for the next steps.

  2. Mexfiber Brush: After using the massage brush, the Mexfiber brush is perfect for brushing off the loosened dirt. Its firm bristles effectively remove any remaining debris, leaving your horse’s coat clean and smooth.

  3. Mane and Tail Brush: To ensure your horse’s mane and tail look their best, the Borstiq Mane and Tail Brush is indispensable. After applying a coat of show shine, this brush helps to detangle and add a brilliant shine to your horse’s mane and tail.

Leather Care with Denwax

  • Leather Balm: A small tin of Denwax leather balm is a must-have in your Marise toolbox. This balm is perfect for keeping your toolbox, saddle, and bridle looking their best. Regular application of leather balm ensures that your tack remains supple and shiny. Clean, well-maintained tack not only looks great but also contributes to a better riding experience, as you’ve taken the time and effort to prepare meticulously.

Additional Grooming Essentials

  • Hoof Cleaner from Borstiq: Keep your horse’s hooves clean and healthy with the Borstiq hoof cleaner. This tool is essential for removing dirt and debris from your horse’s hooves, preventing potential infections and discomfort.

  • Small Towel: A small towel is incredibly versatile, useful for wiping down tack, cleaning your hands, or giving your horse a final polish before a ride.

Liquids and Lotions

Given that the Marise toolbox is water-resistant inside, it’s perfect for storing bottles and sprays:

  1. Shampoo for Mane and Tail: Keeping your horse’s mane and tail clean is crucial, and having a dedicated shampoo ensures they stay in top condition.

  2. Fly Repellant Spray: Protect your horse from pesky flies with a high-quality fly repellant spray. It’s an essential part of any grooming routine during the warmer months.

  3. Itch Relief Lotion: Equimyl from Virbac is a vet-recommended lotion that’s perfect for treating itchy tails and manes. It’s a lifesaver for horses with sensitive skin.

  4. Show Shine: To give your horse that final, show-stopping gleam, show shine is a must-have. It not only makes the coat, mane, and tail shine but also helps to repel dust and dirt, keeping your horse looking impeccable for longer.

The Importance of Clean Tack

In my opinion, always having clean tack and boots is vital. When you take good care of your tack and ensure everything shines before riding, you’re more likely to ride well. This preparation shows that you’ve given yourself the time and effort to be fully ready, which translates into a more focused and effective riding session.


By keeping your equestrian Marise toolbox stocked with these essential items, you’ll ensure that your horse is always well-groomed and ready for any occasion. Investing in high-quality products like those from Borstiq and Denwax not only makes the grooming process more efficient but also enhances the overall experience for both you and your horse. With a well-maintained Marise toolbox, you can ride with confidence, knowing you’ve taken the best possible care of your equine partner.