The Boot Bag
The Boot Bag
The Boot Bag
The Boot Bag
The Boot Bag
The Boot Bag
The Boot Bag
The Boot Bag
The Boot Bag

The Boot Bag

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  • 100% quality genuine leather
  • Spacious for all kinds of equestrian boots
  • Longer design - 65cm
  • Double zipper for easy use
  • Washable inside lining
  • Strong leather
  • Easy-carry handles

Introducing the Marise Boot Bag – Where Style, Function, and Convenience Converge to Safeguard Your Riding Essentials.

Elevate your equestrian experience with the Marise Boot Bag, meticulously designed to blend practicality and elegance seamlessly. As an indispensable accessory for every rider, this bag is a testament to our commitment to enhancing your journey to the arena.

Smart Design for Effortless Mobility: Experience unparalleled ease with the Marise Boot Bag's ingeniously positioned handles. Placed at the center, these handles empower you to carry your bag gracefully over your shoulder or arm, allowing you to move with agility and poise.

Supreme Protection, Unparalleled Style: Your riding boots deserve the finest care, and our boot bag ensures they receive it. Crafted from genuine leather with utmost attention to detail, its sleek silhouette doesn't just house your boots – it complements your equestrian elegance, making a statement wherever you go.

Washable Interior for Ultimate Hygiene: No more worries about dirt or grime – the Marise Boot Bag features a washable interior lining. Simply place your dirty riding boots inside, and after a quick wash, the bag's interior is ready to welcome your boots again, keeping them pristine and ready for action.

Convenience Redefined: Front Pocket for Spurs: Incorporating innovation into tradition, the Marise Boot Bag boasts a small front pocket designed with equestrian functionality in mind. Here, your spurs find a snug and secure space, ensuring that even the tiniest yet crucial elements of your riding gear are safely stored and easily accessible.

Companion for Competition and Training: Whether you're heading to a competition or driving to training, your boots and spurs deserve the best protection. The Marise Boot Bag shields your cherished footwear and accessories from scratches, dust, and moisture, ensuring they're in impeccable condition when you need them most.

Exquisite Craftsmanship, Impeccable Quality: Crafted with an eye for detail from genuine leather, the Marise Boot Bag epitomizes luxury through its choice of materials and meticulous construction. Its durable exterior safeguards your boots and spurs with confidence, while the interior showcases our dedication to practicality and elegance.

Equestrian Excellence Reimagined: With the Marise Boot Bag in tow, you're not just transporting your riding essentials – you're showcasing your commitment to equestrian excellence. Unveil the bag that encapsulates the passion and dedication you bring to every ride.

Elevate Your Journey: Embrace the fusion of functionality and style with the Marise Boot Bag. Whether you're a seasoned competitor or a dedicated rider, this bag is more than an accessory – it's a reflection of your unwavering devotion to your craft.

Invest in the Marise Boot Bag and elevate your journey – because every ride, every step, and every moment deserve the touch of Marise Bags sophistication.

The boot bag is a functional and elegant bag, made to protect and carry your riding boots. With it length of 65cm the bag fits the majority of all riding boots.


The boot bag is available in both black and chocolate brown.

Size: length 65cm

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